Comfort Food & Quality Time

Tabasco 101, Col. Roma
Ciudad de México

Lunes a Jueves 1:00 pm a 12:00 am
Sábado 1:00 pm a 12:00 am
Domingo 1:00 pm a 10:00 pm

Teléfono 0155 7155-1299


Soul Roma started with the dream of sharing with friends, fans and brand enthusiasts of Soul Motor Co. a space where they could live, feel and even taste the philosophy and lifestyle that Soul Motor Co has created among his friends and colleagues.

Soul Motor Co. is a workshop that restores and customizes vintage, antique motorcycles and even contemporary ones with a very particular style. About 50 projects have been developed under the brand since 2009 bespoking motorcycles to the taste style of each owner.

That same wonder and respect that we have for a classic motorcycle reigns in our kitchen towards classic dishes like an American burger or a bolognese sauce; on the other hand we also like break the Status Quo creating new experiences with recipes of dishes of the comfort food world with the Soul Motor Co. attitude.

(more food porn power, better flavor performance, breaking the rules).

We like to redesign classics not only of American cuisine but also inspire us in the comfort food from other parts of the world such as a Burrata (creamy mozarella cheese of Italian origin) serving it in a cast iron skillet along with a collection of tomatoes and increasing their levels of “food porn” with the use of aromatic herbs, eureka lemon and some Maldon salt.

We are seeking to create the best burgers in Mexico city, mixing quality ingredients with creativity and lots of love in our kitchen.

Good examples of Soul La Roma favorites are the Sunny Side Up Burger (prime meat from Sonora, Danish cheese, fried egg, arugula and Parmesan cheese) or the All Grilled Burger, where everything is grilled: the avocado, the romaine lettuce, the tomato, the red onion as well as the piece of prime meat from Sonora which is stuffed with Mennonite cheese from the state of Chihuahua.

We also have a couple of vegetarian burgers using two pieces of grilled portobellos who replace the brioche buns to wrap a patty of baked plantain with a crust of quinoa. This idea of portobello instead of bread also works very well with a patty of meat, cheese and bacon creating a very interesting hybrid burger.

To accompany the burgers and other dishes we created an alioli of manzano, red jalapeño and serrano chiles. Also a mayo of chared habanero to bring some heat to the table. As well as a couple of infused oils of chile ancho chile and of chile morita with toasted sesame seeds.

For the hot dogs collection we have carry three artisian sausages as well as the traditional Frankfurt with cool toopings ranging from caramelized onions, “chiles toreados”, mac & cheese and lots of bacon.

Speaking of Mac & cheese our Soul La Roma version is made with white wine, a blend of 3 types of cheese, crab meat and bacon cubes.

Lots of cheesy food porn in a cast iron skillet. Another dish where we use our “wrenches” was on the famous Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, where our tunned version of this classic dish includes a 6 oz piece of Ribeye, Mennonite cheese and “chiles toreados” to give more “horsepower” flavor.

We also figure slow roasted pork belly and duck confit on our entrees, burgers and cast iron skillets. For example, the burrata with black truffles, duck confit with quinoa that can be shared and eaten with slices grilled artisian bread.

Local Craft beers, Japaneese Sake and a sellection of Mexican wine labels harmonize with our #comfortfoodwithattitud dishes.

All this culinary philosophy is accompanied by a pleasant decor of dining room that includes a collection of vintage motorcycles gas tanks, motorcycle parts buried in the concrete floor as well as pictures on the walls that gladden the soul with feelings of pleasure, comfort, and coolnes with photographs of Katherine Abitbol and Paul D’Orleans.

Like the decor, music plays an important role in Soul Roma.

For the chef, it must feed the soul of the guests between each course of the meal.

In Soul La Roma we are more into the alternative side, so we play Indie music from Alt-J, The XX, Chet Faker, but we also enjoy sharing our taste of muisc for the good old rock and roll from Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd as well as Jazz classics like Frank Sinatra, Dave Brubeck or Miles Davis.

For dessert, more food porn in cast iron skillets, like our Brownie with a layer of Nutella topped with chopped bacon or the Apple pie with ginger tart which is accompanied with vanilla ice cream.

Aside of our turntable (where we played vinyls records on Wednesdays evenings) is a Sanremo espresso machine making nice coffee preparations with coffe beans form the state of Nayarit; listening to the album Lioness: Hiden Tresures of Amy Winehouse while we admire a beatiful R90S from Soul Motor Co displayed on the main window of Soul La Roma, 101 Tabasco street, Mexico city.